“… a voice so deep that it seems to land with a thud on the stage and roll toward us like a cannonball.” Nick Hornby

7 Aug

The whole sentence is this:

“He’s got long blond hair, and cheekbones, and he’s well over nine feet tall, but he’s got muscles too (he’s wearing a denim waistcoat and no shirt) and a voice that makes that man who does the Guinness adverts sound soppy, a voice so deep that it seems to land with a thud on the stage and roll toward us like a cannonball.”

Not known for his brevity, our Nick Hornby. This sentence is about T-Bone Taylor from “High Fidelity” which is a book that will always be in my endlessly revolving top 5 of all time books. I have two copies of this book. One has not been returned to me and I couldn’t do without it so I bought another one. I love it in an overly needy, desperately, clinging way – this book would have grounds to have a restraining order taken out on me. I LOVE it. I love the sentences that are so long and full of brackets and so many commas that you could lose track of the point but you don’t!! I love that I can hear what is happening as much as I can imagine it. Mr Hornby certainly has a knack for describing sound – read that sentence and tell me you can’t hear T-Bone’s voice rumble through your chest like fireworks make your bones vibrate.

There are some stories that bring you hope because they are hopeful and knowing and because they are beautiful and clear and true. And “High Fidelity” is hopeless and mindless and beautiful, clear and true. The whole book to me is like his sentences, full of pitstops and u-turns and one way roads and you think Rob will never get anywhere and then all of a sudden, at the death knoll…. well I can’t ruin it for you.

And did I mention that I’m just a little bit in love with John Cusack?


One Response to ““… a voice so deep that it seems to land with a thud on the stage and roll toward us like a cannonball.” Nick Hornby”

  1. bundleofbooks September 1, 2012 at 12:35 pm #

    When I was younger, my dad used to play the Top 5 Favourite game with me and my brother on car journeys. He told us it was from one of his favourite books. So High Fidelity was the first Nick Hornby book I ever read – and my favourite. Most of my friends preferred About a Boy (because of the film, I think) and generally, Fever Pitch is seen as his best work (I’ve not read it yet though) but I really love High Fidelity. You can really imagine the record shop in Holloway and the odd people who run it. And you’re right, it isn’t a hopeful story – it’s a truthful one.

    I was a bit sceptical when I saw it was being adapted to a film set in the US, but was pleasantly surprised. Although, when I read the book, it’s still very much set in London in my mind.

    Great post! It’s made me want to read the book again!

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